Recent Criticisms of Julia

I agree with the general sentiment of much of the criticism, but it doesn’t impact most use-cases of economists

ECON 408: Computational and Quantitative Macroeconomics

This is a newly proposed course which will be taught as ECON 407 in Spring 2023 as a pilot. See below for additional strongly recommended prerequisites. To summarize: beyond the intermediate micro you are expected to have a ECON 323 or a similar programming course using Python, Matlab, or similar languages (i.

Modeling Shocks in COVID 19

Lecture notes on using ODEs and SDEs for epidemiology in economics

A Grab Bag of Data Sources

Links to publicly available data sources useful for research and datascience projects

UBC Math and Economics Course Advice

Not every top student should choose to get a PhD in economics or finance. But if you are considering it, then some advanced preparation can make your life easier